★ bradford “ford” lennox gray, sam claflin (or douglas booth), 20, delinquent

  • hey he’s backkkkkk and better than ever~
  • so those of you who were on tway the first time know that this is bradford but he goes by ford and don’t even think about calling him brad
  • he hails from edinburgh and has lived there his whole life, so everyone basically knows who he is
  • he’s also the resident badboy who likes lighting things on fire and smoking lots of cigarettes
  • but through that “tough” exterior, ford’s a super nice guy if you get to know him, but you most likely won’t because he puts up lots of walls
  • he has ~trust issues because of how his father treated him growing up so the only person he /truly/ trusts with all his heart is his best friend
  • so good luck trying to break through~
  • the big thing that ford’s hiding tho? he’s bisexual which is very confusing for him, so he doesn’t want to tell anyone until he figures it out himself~
  • regardless of the trust factor, ford has lots of friends but he hardly has time to see them because he works the majority of the time
  • he’s a waiter but he’s probably going to have to take up a second job somewhere because he can’t really afford to pay rent anymore
  • which /also/ means he’s looking for a roommate!!! he doesn’t care who you are as long as you get the rent money in time to him every month~
  • another fun fact is ford doesn’t really like to sleep around all that much because he likes the idea of commitment
  • but he /does/ like to flirt so he indulges in that when he can
  • ford has a dream of settling down one day with someone perfect for him and who knows? maybe he’s already met them~ he’s cheesy like that
  • so anyway he needs everything bbcakes so you should give it to him ✿‿✿
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