ashtonirwin: I have a beard and we have a book… I’m scared

beanie luke appreciation

Anonymous says: lashton + kiss


"I dare you,” Calum says, eyes on Luke with a mocking drunk smile, “to kiss Ashton,” and then, he raises both his eyebrows, as if saying touché.

Michael starts laughing like that’s the most hilarious thing he has ever heard in his life. Luke looks away from him, glances Ashton’s way, sure his eyes are wide and panicked. Ashton says nothing, just looks back at Calum like he may be thinking of something else altogether. It makes Luke freeze, part his lips and stare dead ahead, no reaction at all. He shouldn’t have dared Calum to call his ex, he knows that was low, but this is even lower.

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Anonymous asked: Straight haired ASHTON or curly haired ASHTON?

ashton + insta vids pt.4


do my pets know what it means when i give them sweet kisses?? do they know that  i love them so much. i tell them everyday but do they know



Make me choose » nasty4calum asked: cashton or clemmings?

kidanedakh replied to your post: my dash is complaining that there’s to…

lashton today lashton tomorrow lashton forever

i appreciate the hunger games reference but honestly i’m lashton af idk how anyone can say there’s tOO MUCH

my dash is complaining that there’s too much lashton and i’m sorry but there is NEVER enough lashton i’m lashton af lashton hard as hell flocka w/e the saying is idek but that’s me

@Ashton5SOS: You know when ya think you have a normal belly button… And then you have surgery and you’re belly button is now butt ugly